Nolcha Fashion Week...Through He's Eyes...

Written By Jason Spangler on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 | 12:36 PM

 This was a bad ass cuff
 No offense to anyone, but HOW THE you give a guy a front row seat when he shows up with a scarf over his face? HOW? He can't see shit. Put his ass in the back row, his view is gonna be just as good from back there...p.s. who the hell is this guy? why is he wearing a mask and a tiny hat?

Thanks again to NolchaFW for a Great Event!

Click READ see more ridiculousness.

 Matching Headbands...are you kidding me, one person wearing them is bad enough
 Great body, great shoes
 Love the body accentuates your..ummm..ummm... boobs
 Another dumb ass headband...enough of these things
 Stupid hat
 FbyHe's next hair cut...jk

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