The Truth is in...UGGs Hates Animals!!! #WaronUGGs

Written By Jason Spangler on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 | 9:25 AM

Yahoo: UGGs and Their ‘UGGly’ Reputation 

The reputation of UGGs has two sides. The first is the fluffy and comfortable goodness that everyone wants to see and feel on their feet. However, the real, yet scarcely known story and reputation of UGGs is the horrible treatment that the sheep receive to provide buyers with their wool. 

But wait… isn’t shaving wool off of a sheep delicately humane? Time and time again we are seeing animal-based products and food chains hiding the facts of what really goes into making their products.
That’s right! UGGs aren’t removing the wool from the sheep humanely. They are actually removing the SKIN with the WOOL. 

This is only the beginning. It’s one thing to “learn” about how your boots are made; it’s another to actually see pictures and videos of how the animals are treated. 

Plenty of web sites and bloggers have a lot to say about UGGs and their methods, but the hidden truth and reputation of these practices aren’t widely known. 

In case you were wondering, UGGs are made from the skin of sheep and, therefore, the sheep are killed to make them (Wikipedia). I used to think that the wool was painlessly sheared from the sheep, but I was wrong. There is great pain and animal cruelty involved in making UGG boots. (VAP) 

Some of the videos I came across while doing research for this article were just horrible. So graphic that I can’t even show them in this post. Even Pink’s PETA video (below) was hard to watch, but the truth is always hard to swallow, and that’s why so many companies get away with hiding their horrible practices.

Well when He starts something He finishes it. UGGs is a terrible company, hurting poor little animals, and making women around the world look like fat elephants. How Dare you UGGs?!?! He knew the truth about this company would come out soon enough and He would be there laughing all the way to the UGG roast.
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