Fashion by She: Dress Pants Gone Casual

Written By Jason Spangler on Friday, January 17, 2014 | 10:18 AM

Ever since the (short) tuxedo pants trend a couple of seasons back, She has been drawn to dress pants. Can't quite explain why, but the clean- cut look is really refreshing. As a student, however, She doesn't have many opportunities to wear a pant- suit anywhere, which forced She to come up with creative ways to mix up the classy vibe of the dress pants with casual pieces.

Mix up the textiles. Pairing the nice dressy fabric of the pants with mesh/ leather, can dress the outfit down quite a bit. It's really fun and unpredictable, but it works.
Longer, loose fitting- tops. Nothing says casual like a baggy shirt, so combining a graphic tee/ big  sheer shirt with your dress pants can create a perfect outfit for a quick afternoon trip to Starbucks :)
Big cardigan. Any layering pieces that go below your waist, hiding the pant line, break the professional silhouette the pants create. An oversized cardigan with wide sleeves- great choice.
Super casual heels. Go for a fun color, crazy style or outrageous height! Your legs already look fantastic in those pants, adding a couple of inches to your figure will make everything look even better.

Let She know how you style your dress pants casually!

- She

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